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Auto Accident Care

Man holding neck after accidentA car accident means different types of stress that affect you. Your car is damaged or even totaled. You have to deal with insurance companies and missing out on days of work. Your health might be secondary on your mind. Though you’re in a hurry to fix everything, a quick trip to the chiropractor can make all the difference in your future.

When you come to Origin Chiropractic Physicians after your accident, we can check and make sure that there is no underlying trauma that can cause massive problems further down the road. We’re your specialist in hard and soft tissue problems, which are common after a car accident.

Workers’ Compensation

Chiropractic is an excellent choice if you have had an injury or accident on the job. You may have already tried the traditional medical route without getting results. Locating the source of the issue may be the difference between finding a real fix and trying to live with the pain for years.

In addition, chiropractic can help you heal without having to resort to addictive pain medications or risky surgery. See us for an initial consultation if you have been injured at work.

Personal Injury

When bodily harm is involved from an accident or mishap, it is referred to as personal injury. The difference between workers’ compensation and personal injury is that a personal injury takes place outside of your job. Whether you need a single adjustment or a series of visits, we can get you on the path to healing.

Be sure to schedule a consultation with us if you have had a personal injury accident. Dr. Townley will perform a thorough examination to include range of motion, orthopedic and neurologic testing. Your injury can cause you extreme hardship and chronic pain in the future if left untreated.

Learn about care for auto accidents Fargo. Contact us today! Insurance is accepted at our office.

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