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New Patients

When you walk into Origin Chiropractic Physicians, you’ll feel comfortable right away. There is relaxing music playing and calming colors in every room. Our friendly staff is ready to greet you!

How to Prepare

When you call to schedule, we’ll get your insurance information from you and let you know what your coverage is. Most insurances are accepted. If you have had MRIs, X-rays or other forms of testing that may be relevant, please bring them in or sign a release so that we can review them before you arrive. Please bring in the necessary paperwork so that we can begin right away.

Your First Visit

Over the course of 45 minutes to an hour, Dr. Townley will meet with you. She’ll discuss your problem, history and any concerns you may have. A thorough exam will be performed to give you an accurate diagnosis. We want to know everything you’ve tried before and how each has worked for you.

We’re thorough and take all the time necessary to understand your case. Dr. Townley will adjust your spine and/or extremities as clinically indicated and may use a form of therapy to reduce pain, inflammation, and/or muscle spasming the same day.

Discussing Other Aspects of Your Health

Along with your chiropractic care, Dr. Townley will talk to you about hydration, your diet, supplements and medications you’re on. If we think that you can start a specific type of therapeutic exercise, we’ll discuss that once your pain level has been reduced.

Contact our team now to schedule your first appointment!


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