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Chiropractic Care

Did you know that the joints of your body can become misaligned? When this process occurs, you can have problems with your muscles, ligaments and nerves around the joint. Dr. Townley seeks to find any misalignments and correct them to reduce the irritation in your body. The benefits of chiropractic you can experience include less pain, reduced muscle spasm and enhanced joint mobility.

Our Gentle Technique to Help You

Dr. Townley is advanced proficiency-certified in Activator Methods®. She uses neuromuscular testing to determine where you need to be adjusted. Then, corrections are made with the instrument. Different instrument settings are available to adjust the smallest infant to the largest football player to deliver safe, comfortable and effective results.

Nutrition and Supplements

To complement to your care, Dr. Townley will give you personalized nutrition recommendations. These recommendations are based on a particular outcome. Some supplements are carried in the office, while others can be bought over the counter.

At-Home Exercises

Once your condition has started to improve, we’ll talk to you about exercises you can do to maintain your progress. Your exercises will be discussed after acute-level care has been completed. Dr. Townley will show you how to do the exercises so that you can do them on your own at home.

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